Run time: 33 minutes

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About the film:

When a vacationing American couple encounters a traditional Irish music group, their holiday plans take an unexpected turn. Combined with the shenanigans of a notorious local trio, the Yanks are in for the trip of a lifetime. Follow their epic journey, which takes them from The Mall Pub in Killeshin to Knocknagee crossroads, with stop offs in Arles, Rossmore and everywhere in between. The 33-minute action-packed comedy features stellar performances from a strong cast, starring actors from Carlow Club Players and Carlow Little Theatre.


Directed by Dean Gilchrist.

Produced by Dean Gilchrist and Gearóid Gibbs.

Written by Andrew O’Regan and Dean Gilchrist.

Cinematography and editing by Gearóid Gibbs.

Branding and design by Gearóid Gibbs.


Starring John O'Sullivan, Marian Brophy, Derek Egan, Karl Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Casey, David Andrews, Bernard Jennings, John Hickey, Paddy Behan with Larry McNally, Brendan Alysbury, Brian McMahon and Noel Lambe.

Ceol Short Film

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Filming Ceol

An intermittent account


Day 1 - The Mall Pub, Killeshin, Co. Laois

Our first shoot took place in The Mall Pub in Killeshin on Thursday 9th August 2012. Given that this was the first time that all the cast and crew had worked together, we worked slowly as relationships and dynamics on set were established. This was the opening scene of the film and involved quite a lot of dialogue. Lots of takes and retakes were done as the cast got used to the flow of the script. A good group of extras helped to fill out the pub and set the scene. Midway through the day, a generous BBQ helped refuel the crowd and restore energy for the afternoon session. Overall, this was a successful day and we hoped to build on the enthusiasm which had developed throughout the day.



Day 2 - Killeshin, Co. Laois

Saturday 22nd September saw the cast and crew of Ceol gather for the second day of production. On the cards for the day was to film a car chase through the hills of Killeshin. By far the most fast paced and challenging to film scene of the film. As such, we called in some backup camera operators, Andrew Jordan and Adam Rael joined the crew of Ceol. This sequence involved three vehicles and lots of driving. With three cameras filming, we hoped to have all the angles covered.

On the set of Ceol
Joe Pa Fury (played by David Andrews)
The equipment van

Day 3 and 4 - Arles, Co. Laois

Day 3 was spent working with perhaps the biggest star of the film , the camper van. A lot of the film is based in the interior of the van, so it was important we took our time to work out how to best work within such a confined space. Given the space constraints, personnel was kept to a minimum.


Day 4 was spent at The High Trees Pub in Arles. Working with a small cast and crew, we only had one scene to shoot. Working well, we even had time to expand on the script, some experimental camera movements and a photoshoot to wrap up the day. Day 4 involved the interiors of the High Trees, we would be back later on in the shooting process to film our exterior shots of this location.



Cambo crane



Day 8 - Rossmore, Killeshin, Co. Laois

Lots of planning went into this one! With over 100 people on set and several vehicles involved in the action, organisation was paramount. As such, we had been planning for months in advance and luckily on the day everything seemed to come together. Even the weather cooperated!


The scene involved a funeral procession on a country road interrupting a three-vehicle car chase. The Killeshin pipe band led the funeral while over seventy extras formed the group of mourners behind the hearse and coffin, which was provided by Carpenters Funeral Directors, Carlow.


Speaking about the shoot Director Dean Gilchrist said ”It was a great day and we really appreciate all the support we have received from the local community and local businesses who have gotten onboard to help make this film possible.”


This was the biggest shoot of the film and marks the midway point of production, which began in The Mall Pub, Killeshin in August 2013.

Setting up the crane
Sound recording
Director Dean Gilchrist coordinates with the Garda car driver

Day 14 - Killeen, Laois

The last day of production. The team began the day in Killeen working with a cherry picker to film the final scene of Ceol. The cherry picker allowed us to get the camera up high and perform some interesting. camera movement. Later in the afternoon, we moved on to Rossmore, Killeshin for another important scene and some pickup shots. As the day drew to a close, we wrapped up for the final time. Principal photography was complete! The next stage was post-production and work on the premiere was about to get under way.

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Ceol premiered in June 2013 to an audience of just under one thousand people during three sell out shows at the George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Carlow. The event took place as part of Eigse Carlow Arts Festival 2013.


A DVD of the completed film, including bonus material, is available to purchase from store.ceolfillm.com.

Ceol premiered at the Carlow Arts Festival 2013
Ceol premiere

Photo: Monte Carlow

Photographs: Gearóid Gibbs, Andrew Jordan and Adam Rael.


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